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How to stop your period early

Most women tend to wonder if there are ways that can help them stop or even shorter their periods, because having a period can cause inconveniences especially if you have made plans to travel, participate in sports or to have sex. Most women wish their periods away because of the unpleasantness that come with menstruation such as cramping, back discomfort and headaches. Regardless of your reasons, if you are looking for ways on how to stop your period early, here are some methods you can use based on your individual need.

Aleve: Aleve is popularly used as a reliever for cramps and pains that are experienced by most women while on their periods. Actually certain women have reported that taking Aleve a few days before they start menstruating has helped to stop their period early by around one or two days. When you take Aleve you will experience light bleeding.

Menstrual Products: Alternative menstrual products such as a Diva cup are ideal for use while on your periods compared to using pads or tampons. Apart from this, a number studies that have been conducted have shown that diva cups are an ideal way of helping you on how to stop your period early.

Masturbation and Sex: Getting an orgasm through masturbation or engaging in sex is an effective way in stopping your periods early. The main reason for this is that the extra contraction that take place in the uterus when a woman orgasms, results in faster shedding of menstrual flow.

Red Raspberry Tea: Red raspberry tea is known to offer a number of benefits in the reproduction system of females. Some of these benefits are remedies on how to stop your period early. However, prior to trying out this herbal treatment, it is recommended that you have a talk with your doctor as large quantities of raspberry can lower blood sugar levels.

Water: Drinking a lot of water everyday will help shorten your period. If you are on an exercise regime, you should take 6-8 glasses everyday to remain healthy. You should stay away from caffeine and alcohols so as to effectively stop your period early. Taking plenty water is a good remedy for cramping and bloating.

Exercise: Workout regularly throughout the cycle, and continue working out while you still have your periods. Women who are physically fit tend to experience shorter and lighter periods. Women who are quite sporty with less body fat may not even receive their periods, but this not healthy and could be a symptom of anemia. Overweight women may experience longer and heavier periods.

Contraceptives: Factor in taking birth control pills. Women on contraceptives have their periods end early. This method will you help you on how to stop your period early, on regular basis, rather than only one single event, as it takes one or two cycles for the contraceptive to alter your menstrual cycle. If this does stop your period, at least it can shorten it considerably.

Healthy Eating: Eat healthy balanced meals everyday, and do not forget to incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables in your meals. Healthy eating has been known to ease menstrual complications and also help in shortening the days of your period.

Not all women are the same, just because a certain method worked on your friend does not mean that it will also work for you. Consider the options that you feel will best meet your needs. This will make sure that you get a method that will finally help you on how to stop your period early.