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Saw Palmetto, Acne, Hair Loss and Alopecia

If you suffer from the problem of hair loss , you sure know it – whole house full of hair , every pillow and bed full of hair , every time you will pass near the hair is to be filled hair – so much hair everywhere, so why not the only place where it should be – on the head ?   

There is a difference between hair loss and baldness
Yes, you may find yourself now breathe a sigh of relief , not all hair loss leads to the next step and non- coveted any, of baldness. There are people in their hair loss exists at such doses lives or others . There have thinning hair and some people used against their will as its owner proud of bright and shiny bald . It is important to distinguish between different types of dropout different reasons that cause them to drop out in order to know how to handle them , that stop hair loss is definitely possible .

Hair loss in men
Men are suffering the most from the problem of hair loss to the point of baldness. Why ? That is usually what causes the clearing is a hormone originating testosterone . After puberty the amount of testosterone in the male body rises significantly , so chances are you will not find a teenager with hair loss , thinning hair or baldness . With medication now possible hair loss prevention , and even , some cases of hair growth again.
Hair Loss in Women
In women there is the phenomenon of dropping out to hair loss and in them the source is testosterone. As always , the men are guilty All … This usually happens around the age of transition , until then there are indeed female body testosterone but there is also a female hormone – estrogen – the balance sheet . Menopause , estrogen decreases drastically creating a hair loss . But do not worry , the medication does not discriminate between men and women and for female sex There are impressive results .

Alopecia is not hair loss
Hair loss is a phenomenon often begins because all sorts of physiological changes our bodies go through . For example , many women start losing hair after pregnancy . Periods of stress and stress can lead to hair loss or illness. In most of these cases it is impossible to prevent hair loss but it also does not lead to baldness , so wait until the stop dropout and perhaps even to new hair growth .
Hair Loss can simply be caused by Nutrition
In many cases , if increased hair loss is part of your life could be just missing vital elements of your daily diet . If you missed your daily intake of zinc , magnesium, B12 , biotin , or B6 , you should go to a proper and balanced diet and the dropout problem may be solved . Another dietary factor is important in this regard is protein deficiency which may also create a dropout .
So what to eat ?
Preventing hair loss is possible through good nutrition. Vitamins and minerals mentioned earlier are a great variety of foods, so if hair loss is a phenomenon familiar to you, you should hurry up and add some weekly shopping list . For example B12 is meat (especially beef liver ) , fish , eggs and dairy products. Zinc are chicken, beef , beans and whole grains. Proteins are found in beef and poultry, eggs, legumes and dairy products. Anyway, It probably : If nutrition is the source of hair loss androgenetic no fear , but you should definitely improve the menu . It is also delicious , both healthy and will cause the problem of hair loss have something from your far past.

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