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Saw Palmetto and men hair loss

Hair loss and male-pattern baldness is not considered a disease but they reflect the systemic health status of the person . In our time our physical appearance become almost sacred , balding young people do not feel comfortable with themselves and early male baldness gnawing self-confidence . What can you do to stop hair loss without drugs and pharmaceuticals as Propecia or Linux ?

Natural Supplements to treat baldness   saw plametto hair loss
When hair loss accelerated considered taking the following vitamins : vitamin C , vitamin A , vitamin B12 , folic acid and the mineral zinc. If you are followers of the intake of vitamins from food rather than from capsule go according to the following rules:

How to treat hair loss naturally : Eat Clean scalp
Clean the scalp well : men hair becomes sparse and fall not only because testosterone product ( di -hydroxy testosterone ) but also because of the dirt and debris left on the scalp gels, hair spray or other hair products that have been washed . Dirt seals the hair follicle and disturbing the growth of new hair . Natural treatment for baldness problem lying just daily cleaning of the scalp and this can be done even by a simple home remedy : Juice Noni plant , plus drops of lavender oil . Rub the scalp well that this natural medicine – Soak for a few minutes and rinse .

Baldness herbs : sage, nettle leaves and apple cider vinegar
Do not use sunscreens shampoo containing sodium lauryl western sulfate , a foaming substance that the body ‘s grace to say the least . Instead, boiled sage leaves , mix with nettle leaves , Strain and add the resulting liquid organic apple cider vinegar . Active ingredients nettle and sage knows inhibit the enzyme that breaks down testosterone Dee – hydroxy – testosterone that component directly responsible for hair loss and baldness male . Simple home remedy that may give rise to thick hair and full or delay dropout exist.
How to prevent baldness naturally with Ginkgo biloba ?
Medicinal herb ginkgo biloba is known to increase blood flow to the power head area is also excellent for preventing baldness. Blood flow to the hair follicle skull provides the necessary input , maintains them and encourages hair growth instead fallen .

Natural treatment for baldness with Palmetto ( Palmetto Sue )
Hsu Palmetto plant who are called saw palmetto very effective in encouraging hair growth in women and in cases of male pattern baldness and are extremely helpful in case of acne. But beware doses of this plant whose fruits look like black olives . There are several contraindications lifting it for example situations where the person taking Coumadin , warfarin or other blood thinners . You should also be aware of the side effects Curing Hsu Palmetto plant that can include headaches, dizziness and indigestion .

hair loss in men – prevention and treatment

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