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how to make your period stop

The menstrual cycle approximately lasts for 3-7 days, a period that goes for more days than the average, are questionable. The complications that come with periods such as cramping and discomforts could have left you wondering, as a woman, if there is a method with effective results, on how to make your period stop.

Though it is quite definite that women will experience shorter or longer cycles, there are certain strategies that can ultimately help shorten or even stop your cycle in a very short time.

Birth Control Pills: Birth control pills are specifically made to prevent ovulation. However, if used often, they can alter and minimize your cycle duration. There are also hormonal pills that make your periods appear early, and your lining to shed faster. The reason behind this is that hormones regulate the whole process, thus if you take more than enough doses of hormones than the body requires, you can shorten the days of your cycle.

Eating Healthy: Eating a well balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables and grains will be of great help in keeping your body at its peak, as you will go through your menstruation much faster. In addition to overall health, there are certain foods that you can eat that are known to fasten the rate at which your period takes place, thus decreasing the overall time you have to experience pain, such as ginger, peppers, sesame. Generally, adding spices to your meals just before your period sets in, is an ideal method of getting the most out your meals nutrients. Taking teas, such as ginger tea, leaf tea or yarrow tea can help you on how to make your period stop.

Working Out: Getting into and sticking to a regular work out regime can help you on how to make your period stop. Any kind of exercise enables your body to reach its peak. This peak results in a shortened period, as your body will work at its maximum and so it will remain balanced at a top efficiency. Besides helping you to make your period stop, keeping fit will help you live healthy. You can also exercise while you are on your periods, as this will help lessen cramp pains.

Acupuncture: The technique of pricking needles into your body for relaxation purposes, probably is not the first thing that pops into your mind when looking for ways on how to make you period stop, but it is quite interesting to learn that professional acupuncturists use a number of herbs together with their stereotypical ware to solve peoples problems. Contacting an acupuncturist and asking them for advice on how to stop your period can give you effective results, although it would be quite expensive compared to the other methods, it sure will be worth your money and time in the long run. If used effectively, it can be a very good mean to stop or shorten your cycle significantly.

Most women are quite aware of the discomforts associated with periods. Getting them to end as soon as possible is a great idea for most women, and while you cannot control everything about your cycle, you can adopt lifestyle choices and use medications to alter your body’s functioning, and finally get a solution on how to make your period stop.