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How to Make Your Period Come Faster

Some women would prefer to make their period come faster so as to take advantage of important life events such as weddings and vacations. However, it may not be easy to speed up the menstrual cycle, but with proper preparation through the use of natural methods, it may be possible to make your period come sooner.

How to make your period come faster:

Food Items: Certain fruits such as mango, pineapples and pawpaw are popular for speeding your period. Drinking 500gm of pawpaw juice is good enough to fasten your period. If you are not allergic to honey, it is an ideal alternative to induce your periods. Dissolve a tablespoon of honey in warm water and drink immediately for effective results.

Contraceptives: Contraceptives are an ideal way to monitor the menstrual cycle; they make the period lighter, and make the period come faster. Contraceptives contain hormones that regulate the body’s natural progesterone and estrogen levels. Contraceptives are prescribed to women below 35 years.

Vitamin C: High levels of vitamin C can accelerate your periods by depriving the uterus progesterone which then triggers menstruation. Although Vitamin C is an ideal option, certain people experience side effects such as kidney stones and extreme diarrhea. To minimize these effects you should take Vitamin C with a lot of water.

Herbs: Emmenagogues are herbs that make your periods come faster. Parsley and ginger are some of emmanagogues and they both accelerate the uterus to expand, if your period appears late as a result of hormonal imbalances. You are required to take two cups of parsley or ginger tea.

How to make your period come faster with exercise: Keeping fit can make your periods come faster. Half an hour of aerobic exercise can boost menstruation. What’s more, abdominal exercises such as sit-ups can be effective for certain women.

Sexual Intercourse: Engaging in sex boosts blood flow to the vagina and makes it to contract. After engaging in sex the vagina relaxes, hence triggering the shedding of lining. Another benefit of sex is that the hormones present in sex makes the cervix soft, which is the first step in the process of menstruation.

Stress Reduction: The main reason that causes delayed period is stress, so before attempting other methods stated here, you should try some relaxation steps to ease your stress. For instance, soaking in hot bath tub or taking a hot shower can relax your nerves and make your periods come faster. Moreover, placing a hot compress on your stomach is also helpful.

How to make your period come faster with Weight Loss: Your weight can affect your menstruation. Being overweight can cause irregular periods and affect your blood flow. The extra fatty tissue produces estrogen, which will interfere with ovulation and boost the lining the uterus causing heavy periods. Because of the effects of being overweight, a good way to make your periods come faster would be to lose weight. But do not lose too much weight; losing too much weight can negatively impact on your menstrual cycle. Your main aim should be to maintain a healthy weight.

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