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How to get rid of acne?

It is a disease that affects both teenagers and adults alike. It is a disease that is brought about as a result of hormonal changes in the body as well as from allergies to various substances. Before analysing the methods of treating acne, it is first necessary to identify the biological factors that bring it about.   

Within those going through adolescence, acne is commonly brought about by an increase of sex hormones that result in a growth of the follicular glands and the increased production of sebum. Yet despite the fact that hormones often play a significant role in the existence of acne, other factors such as genetics, stress and direct infection also need to be taken into consideration before undertaking a treatment plan.

So How to get rid of acne? How a person should go about getting rid of acne will ultimately be determined by such things as their age, potential allergy to certain medications, their family history and the severity of their condition. Though this article provides a comprehensive guide to some of the options that are out there, it is essential to seek professional medical guidance to ensure that you use the treatment that is best for your needs.

For those experiencing the early stages or moderate forms of acne, one of the most immediate treatments is the use of Benzoyl peroxide. As a commonly used product, it works by peeling off the infected skin as well as clearing out pores and acting directly as an anti-microbial agent. Though effective, it does have the potential to cause varying degrees of skin irritation, users should stick to the prescribed use only.

Should this product be unsuccessful or not desired, there also exists a wide variety of topical antiseptic washes. These include such products such as Oxyskin wash and Sapoderm. They can be used in sync with a daily cleaning ritual during any period of the day. Though they are usually slower acting than such products as Benzoyl Peroxide, they have a tendency to cause less irritation. They are commonly available in many chemists, drugstores and supermarkets.

Though these options provide effective remedies in the process of getting rid of moderate forms of acne, if you are suffering from a more severe form, medication prescribed by a professional will be required. A key example of this will be antibiotics. Used correctly, they have been proven to significantly reduce the severity of acne through a wide variety of applications. However due to the rise of many bacterium becoming resistant to it, its use should only be undertaken as a last resort.

When looking at the question of the best way of getting rid of acne, many have turned away from the conventional, commercial products available and have sought the use of home remedies and other non-conventional means. Though the home remedies that exist are wide and varied, none of them have been proven to be one hundred percent successful, however some provide an alternative for those who wish to avoid commercial products.

An example of one such product that has been endorsed by many people has been the use of a honey and cinnamon mask. Though not traditionally thought to go well together, both have been proven to have strong anti-microbial properties. As such, when mixed together and applied on the face for ten to fifteen minute periods and washed off, it has shown success for many people.

Another home remedy is the use of an orange peel paste. This is useful due to the fact that oranges have large quantities of citric acid, or Vitamin C as it is commonly known, which aids in the growth and development of new skin cells and can help the overall look and texture of your face.

Though hormones are considered to be the major factor in the growth and development of acne, it has been acknowledged that stress and diet can also play a part. As such, people can also get rid of acne and prevent its growth by ensuring they have a healthy balanced diet as well as plenty of recreation time that takes them away from work and study.

Though this article provides only several methods of getting rid of acne or even its growth, the treatment you need will depend on your own situation. By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, combined with a daily cleaning ritual, you will be successful in ensuring that whatever acne problems you are prone to will be kept to a minimum or prevented all together. This is how to get rid of acne.