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Female hair loss

Female hair loss is not genetic phenomenon unfortunately makes women more and more common .
Previously non- genetically female dropout was less common and it was a few percent . Although statistics talking about 3-5 % ages – 20 and – 13 % in their forties , but today , there is hardly anyone who does not encounter itself or near someone suffering from thinning hair .

Why is this?   myimages

There are very many reasons that cause them to drop out . More specifically, at least 20 reasons , each of which may cause them to drop out . Not only that, sometimes women suffer been moulting due to a combination of reasons , which is why conventional treatment is not usually dealing with the causes of dropping out , or rarely engage in such activities . Dropout is seen as a fact that must be addressed .

Unfortunately, the only answer is to offer women suffering Medicine ‘s shaking is Linux . Preparation only as long as it is effective users . Ie, a preparation for life , for who is willing to go bald at some point in her life ? MINOX certain side effects . Least pleasant which is increased facial . Another problem that many women deal with.

So what do we do with the dropout ?
First of all understand why it is caused . Depending on the cause shall be proposed solution .
In general, the main reasons are related to dropping out :
• Poor nutrition
• poor blood circulation
• Hormone Disruption
• poor hair maintenance
• different modes followed appears dropout : birth, stress , illness , trauma , and more.
The first thing to do is determine if this is indeed a restoration .

How to approach this ?
In a healthy state fall to 100 hairs a day . If some morning when the terms of the eight hairs on the pillow , and when you’re holding in your hands the hair , not very hard, remain content 5 comments – indeed this restoration . If you choose to go to a dermatologist to diagnose your situation it probably will check whether indeed the suffering shedding.
What can we learn from dropping Understanding stages of life hypothesis :
Dropping considerable speculation loss rate increased while the hair growth slows . Each hair goes through several stages during the ‘ life ‘ :
  • growth phase
• intermediate step
• Late stage
90 % in a healthy state at the hairs will play . Restoration, more and more hairs undergo phase telogen .
If you are suffering restoration, it is recommended that you move the main reasons the address above. Try to see the reason most relevant to you and focus on it .
Many women with genetically ‘s shaking not suffer from malnutrition . Could be a situation where his face looks good diet enough , yet there is a dropout . If due to malabsorption or other reasons .
Must take into account the element of psychological pressure . Many women suffer great emotional stress . If due to the difficulty to deal with everyday tasks and navigate through a career to raise children , and other companies or because of stress recently western lifestyle for us. Stress dilution factor reservoirs of vitamins and minerals .
This is why I recommend a comprehensive blood test as a first step . And general improvement of the right nutrition as one of the most important steps in the following if not deprived of other reasons .
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