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What causes Alopecia?

Alopecia is a disturbing occurrence at any age , especially when it starts at a young age .

What do you do to treat hair loss and avoid the fate of becoming bald at a young age ?

World today there are dozens of different preparations used to treat hair loss . The problem is that the vast majority have no serious studies , academic level , proving that indeed they are effective . There are a number of materials limited studies done on them and they have been shown to have some effectiveness containment of hair loss .

Before we talk about the following recommended products I want to explain what caused the hair loss :

Hair loss ( in men ) develops after the body was created male hormone called DHT , produced by the enzyme 5 – alpha reductase . The hormone DHT binds to receptors located in hair follicles in the scalp and scalp accumulates . He chokes the hair follicles and causes their degeneration and shortening their growth cycle , the hair falls out every once earlier speculation smaller each time it grows again until finally no longer hairs .

Currently there are only two products are officially approved to treat hair loss by the FDA ( American organization responsible for , among other things, the registration of pharmaceutical products in the U.S. and that FDA approval is obtained only after a process lasting several years which includes research and clinical trials proving the drug tested effectiveness and its safety and collecting appropriate statistics ) .

One product comes in tablet form and is called Propecia ( manufactured by Merck ) . It contains the active ingredient Finstriid he fought the creation of the hormone DHT by binding to the enzyme 5-alpha reductase and cessation activities. This product is very effective in stopping hair loss because it addresses the root of the problem itself , but this does not ensure 100 percent success rate among all users, and often have side effects. Propecia has to take a pill once a day. Prescription drug comes .

The second product is called Minoxidil and this spray ( the country is sold as a liquid but also comes in the form of spray foam called Foam Rogyin ) . Minoxidil does not address the enzyme 5-alpha reductase , but no less effective for Propecia because it stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp to the hair follicles which is very important for them to get nutrients and oxygen Building . It also probably helps to release the buildup of DHT in hair follicles . The injectors Minoxidil once or twice a day on the areas of the scalp . Can be purchased without a prescription . To inquire about Minoxidil can enter the forum poster mane .

And now another product non- specific FDA approval for hair loss but many studies have been carried out it has proven successful (although it is best not to monotherapy ) to treat hair loss : This shampoo called Nizoral shampoo and contains 2 % Ktokonzol . Can be purchased without a prescription but if you get a prescription price drops significantly due to subsidy funds (this is not a problem to get a prescription for it by the way) . Almost anyone with a dropping of hair shampoo will use it , but you should use it only twice a week. Do not build on this shampoo as primary treatment but useful addition . has also other shampoos designed to treat hair loss and contain additional components . to read about them , sign mane forum vacated site .

I promised to talk about the product and it is my opinion – its the only natural solution and its called Saw Palmetto . It comes up with a kit which includes a special comb to be applied after taking the Saw Palmetto. ┬áThis comb comes with a roller which has dozens of small and thin needles . Do not be alarmed somewhat frightening name ! They do not hurt the skin , but there are many people who claim that it helps hair because they cause stimulation of blood and enable a more effective penetration of drugs (such as Minoxidil , but there are also other preparations designed to spread on the scalp ) hair loss treatment . The Kit can be purchased online and can be transferred to areas with thinning hair several times a week , before the Minoxidil treatment . Roll the area with sparse hair back and forth a few times and gently.

There are many more other products like shampoos , and some products are already considered ” heavy weapons ” balding and recommended for people who are in more advanced stages of hair loss. You can read about them on the site mane . There is also an active hair loss forum with thousands of posts and answers and hundreds of friends. You are welcome to visit!



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