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how to stop your period early

How to stop your period early

Most women tend to wonder if there are ways that can help them stop or even shorter their periods, because having a period can cause inconveniences especially if you have made plans to travel, participate in sports or to have sex. Most women wish their

How To Make Your Period Stop

how to make your period stop

The menstrual cycle approximately lasts for 3-7 days, a period that goes for more days than the average, are questionable. The complications that come with periods such as cramping and discomforts could have left you wondering, as a woman, if there is a method with

how to shorten your period

How to shorten your period

Generally, girls often face awkward moments during their menstrual period. During this period a woman undergoes some discomforting experiences which includes; PMS (sheer annoyance), pain and hormonal changes which can be very stressful to the body and mind. On average, women periods lasts to about

how to make your period come

How to make your period come

So How to make your period come? For ages the period also known as the menstrual cycle has been the pride of the feminine gender. Literature dating back to the 1500’s speaks of the period as a girl’s budding process. That blood spot on a

How to Make Your Period Come Faster

How to Make Your Period Come Faster

Some women would prefer to make their period come faster so as to take advantage of important life events such as weddings and vacations. However, it may not be easy to speed up the menstrual cycle, but with proper preparation through the use of natural